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The Addictive Way of Turning Fantasy Characters into Fashionable

From fictional Marvel superheroes, DC Comics’ Justice League, Transformers and other cartoon and gaming characters of USA to Naruto, Bleach, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z and animes of Japan. Yes, we do love to see them on the move and save the day. These fictional characters saved us when we were kids from boring days of summer and became an important part of enhancing our imaginative skills as we get older.

These characters taught us that even the weakest one can be a hero someday. They’ve told us out of this world and far from reality stories that excite our inner fantasies more. They’ve become our guilty pleasure and inspiration that we just couldn’t get enough of them! 

Well, it turns out that seeing your favorite characters in television is not enough. People who are a big fan of fiction and costume parties found a way to make these fantasy characters into reality and the most fun of it is that you get to be the favorite character you always want to be. Costume players (COSPLAY COSTUMES) encouraged the “cosplay wave” to happen not just in one place but around the world.

Costume play, popularly known as “cosplay”, is the solution to the dissatisfaction of people being attached to their favorite characters. As cosplaying became a thing in Japan, science fictions and comic conventions allowed fans to dress themselves up the same as their desired character. Fans became more than excited and dedicate both their skills and creativity in portraying these characters in a fashionable way. They are more than willing to spend a lot of time, effort and money to create an awesome costume for their characters.

Detailed dress designs, armors, and other special effects flared the interests of people worldwide for anime—it didn’t disappoint and soon became a globally hot topic over the decades. As Japan anime conquered the world’s television, cosplay fandom got bigger in population. This resulted cosplaying conferences to become more popular and most well-visited event all over the world.